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Born in zahlé (lebanon)

On December 12th 1965.

Every subject captivates her with its natural beauty, its virtues, and its color palette. With a high sensitivity to the authentic, the dark side just as much as the light, she won’t depict a nicer-looking version of her subject – its genuine grace is enough.
But the hardest part is kept for the depth that comes with authenticity: the sheer, raw, unfiltered emotions. Not even the slightest hint of suffering is brushed off.



Animals Art Style Gallery

Zoha Nassif is exhibiting her Art at the “Animals Art Style Gallery” in the 4th Arroundissement in Paris, #46 Rue Roi de Sicile.
The exhibition will take place on 15th December and will last until 15th May.

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La Maison des Artistes

La Masion des Artistes website is being constructed, containing all artists profiles, class schedules, latest news, photo / video galleries, download goodies and more. please stay tuned...

Zoha Nassif

Zoha Nassif website is now online, please feel free to browse all paintings, visit the facebook group, follow us on twitter, or watch zoha nassif interviews on youtube following the links bellow ..


02/June 2013

Zoha Nassif
on OTV
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31/Oct 2011

Zoha Nassif & Dieu Créa
on H&S Magazine
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29/January 2008.

La Maison des Artistes
on Future
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